It is no surprise we Americans love coffee and our cold Michigan winters sure do make a warm cup of Joe more appealing but a recent survey found over half of us feel coffee is an essential part of having a positive day!

If you are one of those people who have one of those mugs that is time stamped of when people are allowed to talk to you based on how much coffee you have consumed, you are not alone!

According to StudyFinds, out of the 2,000 people surveyed, 50% said they feel like they "can't" have a good morning without at least a single cup of coffee while four in five of those respondents said coffee is vital to their positivity and productivity throughout the day.

The study commissioned by The Original Donut Shop Coffee also sought to understand Americans' habits surrounding positivity, even beyond drinking coffee!

Now I had asked all of you to give me your suggestions of things to try around Lansing and in the spirit of the many Americans in this survey, I'm kicking off the "Mosey-ing with Maitlynn" spreadsheet sprawl with your Lansing coffee suggestions!

If this survey is correct, it is about to be an extremely positive week with all of these exciting coffee joints to try around town:

  • Strange Matter Coffee
  • Blue Owl Coffee
  • Reputation Beverage Co
  • Espresso Royale
  • For Crepe Sake
  • Coffee Barrel

I am so looking forward to press on with positivity in mind thanks to this survey and can not wait to share my coffee crusade with you all this week!

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