Nugget Halloween 2018

You will notice some of the pictures are a bit blurry. She is constantly moving. Never sits still.

We had the busiest Halloween I have EVER heard of. Nugget was awesome through it all. I began the day at 4:20 am and rolled into work. Had another fun Halloween show with Deb.

After the show, my daughter Nugget had her first dentist appointment. Mommy decided she was going to be an "Angel, sent by God" for her first appointment. (We always say that in her voice) Our doctor recommended this dentist and WOW. What an awesome place to take a little girl for her first appointment. All the people in the office were dressed as "Minions" or "Despicable Me" characters. She shed a few tears but it wasn't nearly what we feared.

We went home for a few minutes to get some lunch and HOPEFULLY get daddy a nap. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN as sleeping Nugget slept on the way home from the dentist.

Next up was our playgroup at 3 PM in Lansing. For the playgroup we got her dressed as a little lady bug with wings. That finished around 4 and she was flying all over the place, like normal. WE made it back to Webberville for another costume change and to visit our family.

Finally it was the bunny. My in-laws found this and we couldn't wait to see her in it. At the end of the night, my sister snapped a picture and I have never seen myself look so tired. This kid kicked my ass on her second Halloween. Can't wait to see year #3.

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