I am literally living out a nightmare. EVERYWHERE I go, people ask... What happened to your tooth?

One of my first jobs after high school was at Uni Boring in Howell. They made car parts. Lots of big drills and stuff.

One day, I was walking behind a set up guy named Todd who was carrying a big drill bit. Todd stopped and I didn't and I slammed my front tooth into that huge drill bit. I chipped a big chunk of tooth off but it made my roots weak.

Over the years it kept getting loose. I kept having nightmares about being in public and having it fall out. So, last year I decided to have it removed. I wanted to do it at the end of the year so I would use up last years insurance and then get the implant with this years insurance coverage.

Just like everything in my life, it didn't work out like I hoped. It actually used my money for 2019. So, I could pay it all out of pocket or use the fake little tooth they gave me for the year. My choice... Neither. Go without it and see how society treats me. The results are in and the answer is: METH HEAD! They treat you like a second class citizen and a meth addict.

One friend said: "You were afraid of losing the tooth, so you had it removed?" That is me taking ownership of the situation. I'll decide when I am humiliated.

That is why you see me flashing the toothless smile, I am beyond giving a f what people think of me. If I put in the tooth, I sound funny. I'll wait for the insurance to rollover and get my new tooth then.

Until then, I am going to own my toothless '19.

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