Thanks to my friend Heather Zaban for snapping this picture this morning. It's the tents of folks camping outside the Chick-fil-A in Okemos. The first 100 customers get one free Chick-fil-A sandwich per week for a year... So the positioning has already began.

Courtesy of WMMQ listener Heather Zaban
Courtesy of WMMQ listener Heather Zaban

It's in the Okemos Meijer parking lot. They open tomorrow at 6:30am according to their wikipedia page. Click here to check out their website. Click here for all the details on the FIRST 100 Rules.

According to my sources, there are about 60 people currently in line. So, if skipping work for a chance for a free sandwich appeals to you... You better get in line.

If not, there is a perfectly good Chick-fil-A on Saginaw open right now.

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