Say the name Ma's Coffee Pot to someone who drove 18 wheels across America, and you're likely to get a story about one of Michigan's most legendary coffee shops.

Ma's was located on the outskirts of South Haven along M-140 at Exit 18 of Interstate 196.

Ma's has been closed for years now but the building, a 1960s era Valentine Diner, still stands in an out-of-the-way area of a parking lot for a more modern gas station/truck stop.

A trucker shared this remembrance on the Nice Road Truckers Facebook page:

There was a time when I would have said you were nothing more than a steering wheel holder unless you had bellied up to the counter at Ma's Coffee Pot. Now it's just a sad reminder of the way things used to be. Another business fallen victim to the dwindling economy. A reminder of happier times.
Chillipepper and I used to stop there on our way to California, before grocery shopping at Meijer in Benton Harbor, MI. The logic being if we were full or nauseous we would spend less on groceries.... Wish I had the cabbage to open it back up.

Reviews from Yelp show that Ma's was was it was, and we loved them for it:

I went here for some late night french fries and was pleasantly surprised. The iced tea was perfect for a trashy diner. The French fries were spot on yummy diner fries. I also ordered BBQ sauce and a side of pickles both which were free, plentiful and delicious.

I heart Ma's Coffee Pot!!! My family goes camping nearby and we make it a point to go there for breakfast one of the mornings.  They have good food, specifically the blueberry pancakes. I don't know what it is about this place, I just freakin love it.

The food is diner fare with some updates ( buffalo burgers). The staff is pure diner, friendly and accommodating. Ma's is one of the last Valentine diners left in operation.

The Southwest Michigan Dining blog has a few photos of their greasy delights.

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