You've heard about the LEGO version of Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel that is in development? We've already got the bridge to get there thanks to this Minecraft builder.

Minecraft players have fruitful imaginations and are very creative and imaginative when designing new worlds. Others rebuild reality brick by brick, shovel by shovel. Jake Webb has constructed a replica of the Mackinac Bridge and takes us across in this YouTube video.

If you have kids in your life you know about Minecraft. Maybe all you know is that kids disappear for hours at a time when you tell them to go play. I have a niece and nephew who haven't stopped playing Minecraft for 6 years now. I don't get it. Let me build a drug empire by beating up hookers and stealing cars while listening to a killer 80s soundtrack on the Wave, Emotion or V-Rock. Minecraft just has that droning, soothing, ambient soundtrack and there's no real goal of the game- you can't "win."

You can, however, do interesting projects like rebuilding the Mackinac Bridge and taking the Labor Day Weekend walk across the span anytime you like.

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