When former Doobie Brothers frontman Michael McDonald penned his latest single, he wasn't sitting at the keyboard. He strapped on a guitar instead, and "Half Truth" was written quickly, with help from his son Dylan McDonald, and Grady Walker.

Watch the new lyric video for "Half Truth," the second song from his upcoming LP Wide Open, above.

"(Dylan) showed me the chord progression, and later that day I was messing around with it and came up with a melody," McDonald told Billboard. "I don't write much on guitar, but the chain of events for this song led to that. The three of us came up with the words from there, and the song was written in one day."

McDonald sings said "Half Truth" is about "forgiveness and the power of letting go. Realizing that most of the things that we hold resentments over are not about the other person but your part in it, that really you are mad at yourself – that you don't really get yourself into these types of situations if you are totally innocent but it's when you are trying not to look at your part in a situation and trying to make yourself a victim. So, you are mad at yourself. You walked into the situation with your eyes open."

McDonald debuted "Find It In Your Heart," the first single from Wide Open, last month via NPR's Songs We Love. Due on Sept. 15 via BMG, this is McDonald's first full-length album since 2008's Soul Speak. He's currently on a U.S. tour that runs through November.

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