Sunday is Mother's Day. I am fortunate enough to still have my mom. My mom is one of my best friends and has been my entire life. We fight, argue and have rough patches but in the end, she has been one of the biggest influences of my life.

When we had our baby, one night we just couldn't get her to stop crying. This the baby's second night home. I went and got mom out of bed at 3am because I was at my wits end. Mom took over, soothed her and let me get some much needed sleep. She stayed until 8am the next morning.

Now, she watches my baby Wednesday through Friday. She always does my dishes, laundry and cleans up my house. She helped raise one of the WORST KIDS EVER (ME) and still helps the same brat out. She deserves Sainthood.

My mom wants you to know about the Webberville FFA Plant Sale that begins today. It's goes on through Sunday and benefits the Webberville Chapter of Future Farmers of America.

You can click here to like the Webberville FFA on Facebook and catch flash plant sales!

Courtesy of the Webberville FFA
Courtesy of the Webberville FFA

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