After spending the better part of 2020 moving into my new home while also being "quarantined" it's safe to say that it feels so good to finally be done!

I've talked about it a lot on-air and I'm sure a lot of you were sick of hearing about it or maybe wondering what was going on.

So, when I started here at WMMQ back in December, I was living in Grand Rapids. For my first week I drove back and forth (an hour each way) every day. That definitely got old real fast and as the holidays were approaching I figured it best to stay in Jackson, closer to family.

I was so lucky to be welcomed with open arms by my boyfriend, Jordan's family in their home as we got things ready for the house we were about to move into down the street.

It needed some TLC and with most of my things in Grand Rapids, moving it all was going to take some time.

Then, COVID-19 hit and getting back up to Grand Rapids to get everything became a bit of a challenge.

Long story short, I was paying rent on a place I hadn't been to in months and was living with my boyfriend and his parents, my things kind of scattered between three homes.

Well, fast forward to July 15th, my lease was up in Grand Rapids and all of my things made their way to mine and Jordan's new home where they sat for a while as the business of summer made it hard for Jordan to get his things around.

This past weekend, though, I am so excited to share we are now OFFICIALLY living there!

Of course, we do still have a few odds and ends to move in and take care of and luckily Jordan's parents (where the rest of the things are) live about 30 seconds down the road.

After spending two nights there and leaving for work from there this morning, I am so ready and so thankful and so RELIEVED.

All my things in one place, everything I need and everything is in its rightful place.

This is not to say I am not grateful for Jordan's parents letting me live with them for seven months, which I'm sure was a bit longer than expected. I totally am.

However, having my own space and knowing where everything is instead of having it spread out between two homes and not having to dig through laundry baskets and duffel bags to get ready in the mornings (which got pretty stressful) feels really great.

I am so excited and so grateful for all the hard work, help and love that went into making mine and Jordan's home what it is and I am so looking forward to this new venture.

Once everything is COMPLETELY done, we would love to do an "MTV Cribs" style tour for all of you!

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