We've been following the MI Convoy of truckers hauling fencing, hay, milk and other supplies to Kansas after ranchers there were devastated by the fires that burned over a million acres of land earlier this month. The convoy left from Michigan on Sunday and among the updates from Kayla Marie, who's part of the Michigan Convoy that took supplies out to Kansas ranchers. En route, she shared this:


We were pulled into the Missouri scale...while waiting for everyone, a Kansas farm kid pulled in front of our convoy, got out and handed us a 100 dollars with tears in his eyes, saying he didn't have much, but thanked us. This convoy doesn't have a dry eye right now.

And then yesterday, Kayla Marie sent me this message.

Heart wrenching...We had the chance to meet 'Frosty and Faye', just 27 miles outside of Meade, Kansas today. The Starbuck fire hit their land.
When they got the call, Frosty took off in the tractor to go help the rancher down the road. He was only a mile or so down when he got turned around, while Faye was at home and the fire department showed up to spray their land with foam to help try and stop it. By the time the fire hit them, they had no way out, they were stuck in the home. Luckily, they still have a home, but their land...well, their church sent out over 100 kids to pull fencing and posts along a 19 mile stretch. Faye said there is still more to be done but that helped a lot. They sent their 9 head of cattle out to their kids' farms. The cows were all pregnant and had their calves prematurely because their bags  (udders) were burnt. They've lost 2 calves so far. But they welcomed us, hugged us, and said this is a day they will never forget. It's a day us convey members will never forget. Seeing that land broke us, seeing their ranches tore us but seeing them smile and laugh made this trip worth it. Us Michigan Convoy thumb effort are headed home, still feeling like we need to do more for these people.


 Thank you to everyone who contributed to serving 'the greater good'.

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