I bet Deb Hart would be GREAT at the swearing but NOT so good at the dealing with drunk folk. We swore a lot off the air. Deb left WMMQ to become a Yoga teacher. Now in Houston, a brewery is offering an alternative yoga experience. In between poses, there is time for a beer break.

The Houston Brewery, The Brash Brewing Company offers yoga where the instructor invites people to yell, curse and RELEASE WHATEVER YOU ARE HOLDING INSIDE. Here is the Brewery Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/alesatanhouston/. Ale Satan Houston. I thought that was funny. They are very profane and hilarious. They are Brash.

The yoga they offer is brash with beer. Click here for the full story.

Now, I can see some guy having too many and making a pass at the hot lady in the downward dog but it goes both ways ladies. I am sure some eye candy like me would be getting eye humped.

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