I always tell the story of how I came to WMMQ. I got in a bad accident in 2000. Click 2000 if you never heard that story.

I was recovering from the accident and going to Specs Howard School in Southfield... Now, it was time to find an internship. My wife asked me "What station do you like?"

I told her "WMMQ." Deb Hart has been there for years and maybe being around her, I can learn some things about being a professional and maintaining longevity."

So, my wife looked up the address and drove me to the station. We sat outside for about 10 minutes before I worked up the nerve to go in. Finally, I did. I spoke with some people, told my story and the next day I was an intern at WMMQ.

I went out on live remotes, washed the van, edited some music and eventually filled in on the morning show with Deb. It was in the early 2000's when she called me Joey Pants. I HATED IT! Until the ladies started calling. When they said Joey Pants... It just sounded good.

When I was just starting someone asked "what is your long term radio goal/"

I said "to do a morning show with Deb Hart."

I was lucky enough to do a show with her for 7 and half years.

It was everything I thought it would be and more. She isn't just a co-host. She is my sister. So, on my 14th anniversary at the station, she announces she is leaving. I could NOT be happier for someone. I am so sad to see her go but I have her number. She isn't getting away from me that easily.

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