I have known Chris for over 3 years now.

Back in 2016, we were about to have a special needs kid and one of our vehicles that was on its last legs needed some tires. I went in to Belle Tire in Okemos and got some of the best service of my life. I knew then, I would be going to Belle for the rest of my life. The first time I met Chris, he was wearing a kilt at a WMMQ St. Patrick's Day party. I gave him a WMMQ shirt. Then next time I saw him... He was wearing the shirt. Click here to see that.

Last year, he and his wife Alyshia came and hung out with me at Buddies in Holt.

Chuck Norris kicks ass!
Joey, Chris and Alyshia



Saturday, I woke up to find wires sticking out of my front tire. I am no tire expert but that wasn't good. So, we drove to Belle Tire and Chris' new location on Pennsylvania. He wasn't in yet but Tim took great care of me. I told him the issue and that my niece was getting married in Ionia and we were leaving town. I was lucky because Belle Tire is having their Memorial Day sale and I saved big. What was the BEST was Chris called to finish the job, then did us a solid by leaving the vehicle in an accessible place so we could pick it up on the way by.

I didn't get a flat, I didn't get stranded. I didn't have to wait at all. That is one of the best tire experiences I have ever had. Is a coincidence they keep happening at Belle Tire?

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