Back in February, I posted this to Facebook:

Since then, I have been trying to get as many stories as I can done for people to help raise awareness or help a cause. Sometimes, thousands of people see them. Sometimes, they don't spread too far. Sometimes, it's just the motivation someone needed to keep doing good.

Now, I am out of my comfort zone and into law. This is my wife's profession. One of the professionals she has met in her years is Michael Braem. Michael and I became Facebook friends and he made a suggestion:

I'd like to promote Chad Chadwick Busk with Busklaw PLC. he's an attorney and one of the good guys, meaning that he is a genuinely nice person who focuses on client service and plain language rather than legalese. I strongly recommend him for contractual matters and/or business-related matters given his experiences.

That is a lawyer recommending another lawyer...

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