My parents are getting up there. They live in this old farm house in Webberville. One of their neighbors is Culver Excavating. Dave Culver has been friends with my dad for years.

My dad burns wood to warm the farm in the winter. Once in a while, he'll get low and a tree will show up in his yard. That is Dave being a good neighbor. Looking out for my dad.

A few weeks ago, my mom did some gardening. She took her weeds and put them in the potholes in her driveway. This always cracks me up... "That'll fix that!"

Well, it didn't. And apparently Dave saw this and brought over some gravel and filled in the pot holes with stuff you are supposed to use for pot holes.

If you need any gravel, driveway work or excavating... The Culver's are good people.

Call em at (517) 521-3478

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