It was a few years back, my friend Tony Choszczyk caught the H1N1 virus. He was put in a coma, it didn't look good. There was a benefit for his family at the Williamston Eagles and it made nearly 15 thousand bucks. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Miraculously, Tony pulled through and survived. It took him a few years but he is back trimming trees, delivering mulch and pretty much all back to business.

One year before his H1N1 scare, Tony drove my parents house and say my senior citizen dad was running low on wood. Tony went home, loaded up a bunch of wood and dropped it off to my dad all split and ready to burn. He didn't want money, he didn't even want recognition but we caught him in the act doing his good deed.

Last year, I asked him to bring me some wood chips. I came home to a mountain pile of wood chips. Tony wouldn't take a cent from me.

Tony is good people and handled all my trimming needs, I am sure he can help you too. Give him a call at 517-521-4788.



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