(That is not the dog in the picture... Just so we are clear)

We all love a feel good story! Especially when it involves a lost dog finding it's way back home.

Venes Mosier sounds like an very good person. She has an autoimmune disease and is forced to stay home and train dogs for local Veterans. These dogs have saved a lot of human lives.

Well, one of her dogs got away. It was around Christmas of 2017, someone broke into her home while she was in the hospital! The creeps had no manners, left a window open and Venes 3 dogs got away. One was found a year later in Illinois. One is still missing and her dog Callie was missing for nearly 3 years.

A few weeks ago, animal control was called by the Indiana border about a dog walking around with no owner. Animal Control did a chip read and BLAM! It was Callie. They got ahold of the owner Venes who was quite happy. The director the Cass County Animal Control has been there 25 years and said it was a first for him. Venes says this a testament to chipping your animals.

We could all use some good, happy news. Click here to see the full story. 

One night, one of our cats made a daring escape and we lived without him for about a month. We lived in a rough area and were about to give up hope when he returned. He never really wanted to go out again after that. It was one of the happiest moments in our family.

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