Out of all my stops on my coffee tour of Lansing this week, Reputation Beverages gets my top points for most unique.

Right when I walked in, it was a pretty simple, raw look to it until I got to the counter where there were book pages sealed into the counter top.

RBC - room

It wasn't just any old book though, it was one of my personal favorites, "The Great Gatsby"!

RBC - Gatsby

Aside from just the decor, their barista was very conversational and told me all about what Reputation is about and more things to check out in Lansing.

Their coffee was made with unique ingredients like "grass-fed butter," raw honey, and vanilla.

RBC - order

I got myself a "Blue Suede," which was an awesome blend of chocolate, blueberry and espresso and was even able to sample some of their Kombucha that people can take home in either cans or a growler!

RBC - kombutcha

Never having had kombucha myself, I was a bit hesitant, but after trying the "Pango" it was delicious and reminded me more of a non-alcoholic, fruity beer.

Most places my coffee crusade had me this week I did not really think the bathroom was something to write about, but Reputation also had something very interesting about it...pictures from Alcatraz!

RBC - bathroom

It was an extremely peaceful, unique and just flat-out cool place and it may have turned this coffee-craver into a kombucha person as well!

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