The last stop on my tour of Lansing coffee had me at one of the prettiest coffee joints I have ever been in, Blue Owl Coffee.

I am a sucker for a vintage vibe, and this place had it! If you are the type who wants to sip your coffee somewhere straight from Instagram, this is the place.

BOC - menu

With gorgeous vintage furniture, fun patterns on the tables, art everywhere and an extremely relaxed atmosphere, this is your place!

Not only was Blue Owl Coffee a cute place to be, it also seemed to be a great place for students and the staff is extremely accommodating.

The coffee options also had an endless array of unique flavors and for my fellow non-dairy drinkers, oat milk was even an option!

Despite it being winter, I was really in the mood for an iced coffee, so I got an iced latte with oat milk and it was the creamiest latte I have ever had!

BOC - coffee

If I had not had to pick up my 15-year-old sister from school, I definitely would have set up my laptop and hung out all day.

With their multiple locations and multiple recommendations, I knew this place would be a hit and it did not disappoint.

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