Today, February 4th, is National Soup Day and it is definitely soup-worthy weather which is why I ended up heading to the Soup Spoon Cafe to celebrate.

Now, I'm the type to do a quick search of a restaurant and their menu before I go so when I saw they have a "soup flight" I was already sold.

You know how you can go to a brewery and get mini-sizes of various beers you want to try? Yeah, they do that...but with SOUP.

I'll admit I felt awkward eating alone but the staff is so sweet and as soon as the waitress sat me and asked me what I would like to drink, it all got even better.

She asked, "Can I get you any coffee, a mimosa, anything?"

Being on a morning radio show, I'm ready for lunch time a bit earlier than others but having a mimosa at 11 a.m., something I reserve for a Sunday brunch, on a Tuesday? I was all in.

So I get my mimosa, order my soup flight which included chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, gumbo, and French onion soups and think, "This. This is how you celebrate National Soup Day."

Top Left: French Onion / Top Right: Broccoli Cheddar / Bottom Left: Chicken Noodle / Bottom Right: Gumbo

I am a big gumbo gal and I can assure you, this is some of the best I've ever tried (at least here in the midwest) and you wouldn't think it would pair well with a mimosa but just do it and thank me later.

So get a cup, a bowl or a flight of your favorite soup today and *cheers* to a happy National Soup Day.

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