If you haven't been through Fowlerville lately, all the businesses are in the spirit of the season. They have straw stuffed figures placed outside reflecting what the business does. For instance, at The Feed Bag Cafe, it's a hay stuffed chef.

From the Pants Stash

Yesterday, I was driving by and stopped in to see if I could stash some signs there for a few listeners. I have eaten at the Feed Bag for years and love this place... I knew they would be cool about it. They did warn me it was City property and they could be removed at any second.

I left 2 signs there. One for my friend Cody and one for Tom who lives in Fowlerville. I didn't REALLY tell Tom where I was going to leave it but I sent Cody a Facebook message. Sure enough. Not long after that Cody tagged me on Facebook.

"Joey Pants thank you very much for the sign ur the best."

Thanks to the Feed Bag for always being so cool.