Rod Stewart used a press interview to call for a reunion with Jeff Beck, saying he’d enjoy the chance to record a blues-rock album together.

Stewart developed much of his singing style during his stint with the Jeff Beck Group in the late ‘60s, but the pair is known for having had personality issues with each other throughout their careers.

“My voice and his guitar is a match made in heaven,” Stewart told Rolling Stone, when asked if fans should give up hope of a reunion. “It would be a lovely thing to do. It’d be a complete left-hand turn. We did try it once, but we couldn’t see eye to eye – I mean, a serious clash of egos, but you know, never say never. I know it’s a cliche, but really, I’m up for it if he’s up for it. The thing is, we both want to produce. That’s the thing.”

Presented with the suggestion that an album would be “absolutely explosive,” Stewart responded, “You’re right. You’re spot on. Well, you put it out there, my man. Let me know what he says.”

The veteran singer said his life had never been better than at the present. “I’ve never been so content in all my life," he explained. "I mean, look at what I’ve got. I mean, apart from the financial side of things, lovely houses, I know that’s all materialistic stuff, but I have the most gorgeous wife, and I have eight wonderful children, and two little ones. It’s just fabulous.”

Stewart called his divorce from Rachel Hunter in 2006 as his lowest point. “But lo and behold, out of the sky came my darling wife, Penny," he said. "On the same day that I broke up with Rachel, Penny appeared at the Dorchester hotel. She was dared by one of her friends to go over and ask for Rod Stewart’s autograph, and she did. Talk about a simple twist of fate.”

Stewart, 73, released his 30th studio album, Blood Red Roses, last month.

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