Sammy Hagar is just about ready to begin the new season of his Rock & Roll Road Trip. Hagar opened up about his plans for the show, and his perspective on where his particular brand of unscripted television fits on the dial, in an interview with Parade.

"I've certainly been on the same bill with every one of these [people] at some point, and some of them have truly become my good friends," said Hagar of the new Rock & Roll Road Trip guest lineup. "That list of people that I go see are my close friends, and I could pick up the phone and don’t have to go through the managers. And this show is really just about that. It is about our relationship and our musical relationships."

Viewers can watch Hagar explore more of those musical relationships starting March 5, when Road Trip's second season begins on AXS TV. And for viewers who aren't already familiar with the show, he cautions that they shouldn't necessarily expect your average travelogue series. "It's kind of different. People say that it's a reality show. It is a reality show, because it is unscripted, but it's really a lifestyle show. You'll see what these rockers do. I dig into them," he continued. "I'm getting personal with everyone. It is not about their career; very little about their career."

Hagar's long list of rock 'n' roll buddies may end up helping him make his dream collaboration come true. Asked who he'd still like to play with at this point, he mused, "Right now, I'm on this big quest to get Jimmy Page to Cabos San Lucas and jam some Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham on drums. Jason’s in my new band the Circle, and I just got to get Jimmy to do that. That's my quest."

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