Great job by Alex Sims of channel 6 for telling of the Josh Butler story.

Josh came from Texas and has waited for his shot. When you go through this type of adversity and loss, it can either kill you or make you stronger.

My guess is, he'll be playing for a purpose this year. He stepped up big time last year when Josiah Scott was injured.

Usually when people go to the game, they have one player they root for, as well as the team. Quarterbacks, running backs and linebackers get all the love at MSU... But no doubt many people will be rooting for Josh Butler this year.

This type of adversity has build character in the Dantonio era before and the team rally's around their brothers.

MSU Kicks off the season with Tulsa Friday night at 7pm.

The MSU Healthcare Tailgate show is live at 3:30 with me, Nick Chase, Mad Dog and Tim Staudt.

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