It always cracks me up about the Greta Van Fleet haters.

"They are stealing too much from Led Zeppelin."

Like Led Zeppelin didn't steal from EVERYONE.

Well, what do they have to say about David Coverdale? An old friend said David "should sign half of his checks over to Robert Plant because he has stolen so much from him." Seriously, he looked like him and sometimes he tried to sound like him. I used to call him a poor man's Plant.

I LOVE Whitesnake. They hold the title as the BEST LIVE BAND I saw at Common Ground. Seriously, they killed that place.

Back in the 80's their videos features pretty women and cars... They applied that formula to their new song and video... "Shut up and Kiss Me."

I thought it was an unfortunate title for the #metoo movement but I also like Greta Van Fleet... So, what do I know. I like the song too.



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