After years of having nightmares about losing my front tooth, I decided to face my fear and have it removed. 3 years ago, it started to become loose. The dentist told me it wouldn't last the year, but I got 3 out of it.

It was around November of 2018, I had it removed one week, thinking my insurance would roll over the next and I would be ok... That didn't work out and I have gone almost an entire year without a tooth. I have a flipper, but it makes me slur my speech; not ideal for someone who talks. Plus, the dentist said, "NEVER WEAR IT TO EAT and try to limit your wearing it... So, I NEVER wear it.

At first, I thought people were rude, but the longer I went, the more I noticed, people remember me better. It's kind of a memorable, signature look. I did a live event at Stock and Field then went back a few weeks later and everyone I talked to remembered me. I never had that happen with an intact grill.

I asked my friends on Facebook what they thought.

I don't want crooked teeth, but this has been the most interesting social experiment I have ever experienced. October 14th I plan to have the implant inserted. Get your toothless selfies while you can. I am out today at the Jackson Mall from 4-6 PM.

Then Sunday at the Meridian Mall from Noon-2pm.


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