In New York, men are dying almost 2 to 1. It hits guys hard. So, like no shave November is all about raising prostate cancer awareness. I wanted to raise awareness that COVID-19 is killing more men, a lot of people still don't know.

So, I started #maystache. I grew out a mustache and no one can see it because of the Stay Home deal. Well, social media has allowed me to share this righteous bastard with the world. A lot of people are letting the facial hair grow. A lot of people shared their pictures with me. Just take a pic and tag #maystache so I can see it.

The rules of the mustache picture.

1) You shouldn't look directly at the camera.

2) You have to have the expression on your face like, "Did somebody fart?" or "Who Farted?"

3) Show some candid mustache activity.

I told the ladies they could share a picture of their mask.

Susan Kelley "With the wax places closed, some of us ladies don't need a mask to show our mustaches! 😂"

My own sister in-law thought the picture looked nothing like me. I call it my Breaking Bad era.

#Maystache Pics

Feel free to caption some of these. Like. What does this mustache say?

"How are you going to pay for this pizza?"

"Yes, I have been naked on camera before."

"Do you have any idea how fast you were driving, ma'am?"

funny-mustache-meme-by-beardstyle.net_ 10 Funny & Original Mustache Memes to Laugh out Loud

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