10 or so years ago, this electronic fish was singing this song and everyone thought it was the funniest thing. Except me. I kept thinking. Stop pissing on the Classics, man. At the time, I had never heard the best version of the song,

I like to think I know a lot about music. I don't. I always said, "Larry Allen forgot more about this music than I will ever know." But I am still learning.

On November 4th, 1978, the Talking Heads released the song "Take Me to the River." It was a cover of an Al Green song from 1974.

It's not the only Classic Rock version though. Foghat had it on their "Night Shift" record. This is the best version of the song I have ever heard.

I don't even think it's close. The Foghat version stays true to the original and melts your face off. Those riffs and melodies... Better call this one in to Wally on Saturday night.

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