Deb has had to work with some real award winning personalities. For 5 years, I watched her go in and tough it out with a nightmare of a coworker. I wanted to leave the station at that time but I thought... "If she is sticking it out, what do I have to complain about?"

So, I tried to make life fun for her when she wasn't on the air. This is one of the ideas I had and I can't believe she went with it and did it.

Deb was always open to trying one of my bits. Even if they blew up, the blowing up would be fun. She put the brakes on some creepy ideas but I was amazed she went with this one.

A little over a year after this video, they made Deb and I the official, permanent Morning Show at WMMQ. We had been working together on a fill in basis since 2005.

One of our old bosses said "you guys will never beat the big guys playing music."

It has been a feather in the cap of my career that we proved him wrong... Twice.

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