I have been Facebook friends with Kenneth Nolan Grossbauer since 2011. His dad is a cook and always showed me love whenever I saw him.

It's the same with Kenny G. He works at the Dollar General in Webberville. EVERYTIME I see him I say "Hey Kenny G!" Like I do anyone who is named Ken with the last name that starts with a G. He never gets mad.

A few weeks ago, my wife grabbed some stuff at the Webberville Dollar General. When she left, she forgot some items. She said Kenny came running out of the store, flagging her down to give her our stuff.

He knows me but when I asked him, he said he didn't even know it was my wife. so, he didn't do it to impress the DJ.

That is some great customer service.

Kenny G, THANKS for being a good person and good human!

Thanks to the General for ALWAYS rocking WMMQ when I go in there.

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