It was a strange feeling on Saturday night as I was about to put my little girl to bed.

"It'll be the last time you put her in the crib," my wife said as I got up. I was able to have a little appreciation for the moment, but I was glad. Everyone is over that crib.

Sunday, I took it apart and the in-laws brought over the toddler bed. I put the toddler bed all together, by myself, like a grown up.

Yesterday, she came home from her grandparents house, and I waited for my wife to get home to show her her new bed. This is actually the moment.

(If you can't see the video, I must have blocked you. Sorry.)

That was the first time she ever got into that bed. Did you notice her awesome Star Wars Halloween clothes?

In her first night in the bed, she slept like a baby. ALL NIGHT!

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