I know I already did a coffee tour around Lansing but yesterday I got to take a trip down memory lane to a place that was my favorite treat in high school!

Jackson Coffee Company was one of my favorite places to go growing up in Jackson because of it's uniqueness and that still rang true when I happened to go there yesterday.

Not only is their decor and vibe just the perfect cafe setting but their unique options for coffees truly shows the creativity of the staff and whoever else comes up with the flavor combinations and whatnot is a genius.


Aside from their regular menu up at the counter of everyone's usual favorites, they also had their Valentine's specials up and other flyers strewn about with crazy, cool options.


I sat down with my "Whole Latte Love" which was a latte with strawberry and Hershey's chocolate (which was amazing) and found about four other coffees I will definitely be back to try.


Remembering they had an upstairs lounge, I ventured my way up there and it is set up with such a relaxing vibe and also booth-style tables that make it a great place to meet up with friends or spread out and get some work done.


I live for any place that has good coffee, good people and just a good, cozy vibe and "J Co." checks all of the boxes. As I was leaving yesterday I made sure to get a punch card and I would absolutely recommend anyone who wants should do the same.

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