Yesterday, I left work a few minutes early to get some shopping done. The wife had the day off and we had a full day planned... That got cancelled due to the terrible weather. There is a Winter Weather Advisory in Michigan through 1pm today.

Yesterday, the roads were nasty and it was scary driving. Michigan was recently ranked the SECOND WORST Winter in the Nation, ahead of Alaska. Click here to see that BS. Yet, this guy isn't going to be told what to wear by the weather.

I walked up and asked if I could take a picture and blog about him. "John" from Frandor was a card. He was ready to give back whatever crap I gave him. He was more than happy to oblige me.

Then, I saw Pants Person Bev and gave her crap about being a Michigan fan.

The weather didn't stop me from having a normal day. Or "John"

I told him to put his Pants on.


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