For as long as I can remember, UPS Tammy has been a frequent caller. I always ask people what they are wearing and she always has her brown Pants on. She came in to pick up her sign when Deb was out of the studio. They have met before. Tammy made it to the last WMMQ birthday party and always shows her support. I am honored to have Tammy in the audience even more honored to have our sign in her yard.

Tommy Lee Clark sent me an email and told me he was coming. I didn't put together we were Facebook friends until after he left. He is a Wolverine fan so I know he is happy today.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

Tommy even Facebooked me when he got his sign planted. That is a Wolverine supporting a Spartan right there. Tommy THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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A BIG THANKS to Michigan Graphics & Signs for hooking up such a cool sign.


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