Did you see "A Star is Born" yet? I have NOT. The other night at the Oscars, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga jumped up to sing it live. The electricity between these two was noticeable. I don't think they broke eye contact the entire time.

But like Joey from Friends says: "If it's HOT on stage, it's cold in real life." I said I didn't think Lady Gaga was that good of an actress but everyone says: "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVE."

I have heard from some of my friends it's very disturbing. I have enough issues to work out in therapy. Therapy is what you might need after seeing this cover by a random interneter.

I was laughing so hard and if you didn't watch the entire video... You need to see this woman share her gift of singing into the water bottle. The scream section made me forget it WASN'T Lady Gaga.


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