This weekend on All Request Saturday Night we’re featuring the music of Spooky Tooth. Four of the founding members came from a band called Art. They are guitarist Luther Grosvenor, vocalist Mike Harrison, drummer Mike Kellie and bassist Greg Ridley. They joined together with American keyboardist Gary Wright to form Spooky Tooth in 1967. Island records released their first album “It’s All About” in 1968, followed by Spooky Tooth Two which was the last album with the original Spooky Tooth lineup. 

In 1969 bassist Greg Ridley left to join Humble Pie and was replaced by Andy Leigh. Spooky Tooth released the Ceremony album in 1969 to mixed reviews, and even though it was Gary Wright’s brain child the album was considered by him to have ended the bands career. It’s described as one of the “greatest screw-ups in rock history”. Wright says we did a project that wasn’t our album. It was with French electric composer Pierre Henry. They told the label this was not their album, we’ll play on it just like musicians. 

When the album was finished the label loved it and said we’re gonna release it as your next album. The band pushed back saying you can’t do that, it has nothing to do with the direction of Spooky Tooth Two and it will ruin our career. And that’s what happened, the record label forced them to release it, Wright left the band after the release. The rest of the members carried on with the release of The Last Puff album in 1970 with members of Joe Cocker's Grease Band. In August of 1970 they went on a European tour to support the album. 
You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw was the first album released with the reunited band in 1973, They also released The albums Witness in 1973, and The Mirror in 1974. At this point in the bands career Gary Wright was the main writer. That was also the year  the band would call it quits, and Gary Wright went on to produce his solo Dreamweaver album that was released in 1975 with much success on album rock and pop radio stations.

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