A while ago, I posted this to Facebook.

Justin Platte was one of my favorite stories because I know how important pets are to the family/

Justin is a badass tattoo artist and fun Facebook friend.

How about the staff at Mt. Hope Veterinary Clinic.
Were currently struggling with a sick fur baby beagle (Farley) and they have been so informative yet remaining compassionate, helpful thru this ordeal.
Just great great people I can't praise enough. People who don't have pets just assume that a pet is some kinda accessory or something....what they fail to really understand is just how dynamic of a role pets play into the family unit. Ours have taught us so much more about compassionate and gratitude and pure unfiltered love than any human ever could.... My fiance and her family came here as refugees years and years ago due to the tragic events of war in Bosnia and to be honest have just dealt with the PTSD that resulted from that as well all of these years...Farley (our sick beagle) has help to ease some of her deep seeded traumas thru the relationship they have built..and she WAS NOT a dog lover by any means. In her country dogs served purposes like farming, guarding, protection...but never as a pet....as her religion also has rules that are suppose to prohibit animal companionship as well....but all that was cast aside by our little guys. Point being Farley is sick and its scary....they don't communicate verbally as a sick human could...but the Vet and staff of Mt. Hope Veterinary could not have been any more kind and informative of his situation....and to us having that gentle sweet beside manner thru this has been a godsend. My lady has been beside herself...utterly lost. And while I hold my composure during these kinda things...I too have felt the heaviness of fear of worse case scenarios playing out. Farley is doing better and currently is under observation at the clinic....so we wait and pray. But as of today he seems to be on the upswing.

I asked for an update a few weeks later.

His next appointment is on Monday and they'll run a other blood test on him to make sure his kidney numbers are down and hopefully that means his spleen is not so enlarged either... but as of now he seems he's much much better.

The staff there is awesome at Mt Hope Vet.  Really helped saved our family from a lot of heartache.


Thanks for sharing the good they are doing at Mt. Hope Veterinary Hospital, Justin.


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