I don't know how many articles I have written about WMMQ friend David Jenkins.

There is this one, the Pants People Spotlight.

I am really lucky to have made such amazing friends. They start by calling. Some come to meet you at events and you just click. Some people, it seems like you have known your entire life. David falls into that category.

He is on Facebook frequently sharing pictures of his Classic Rock vinyl collection. He shares his Classic Rock t-shirt collection.

Of course David has the WMMQ app and sent me this righteous picture to my email joey@wmmq.com. He was thanking me for the hat but he has had it for years. He still has the white WMMQ shirt. I see very few of those still around.


A lot of other stations tell me, "there are a lot of people who wear your shirts."

I always think of David. We are so proud and honored to have some of the coolest people in the world wearing our brand. You can check out our station merch by clicking here. 

This is the coolest mask I have seen so far. I am sure it's only a matter of time before Greta Van Fleet copies it.

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