The WMMQ radio station van is an epic mess most of the year, but it's particularly bad at the end of the Michigan State University Football season, after the Spartan Tailgate shows hosted by Joey Pants, Nick Chase, David "Mad Dog" DeMarco and Tim Staudt..

Since the Spartan football season finished up with this past Monday with the Redbox Bowl, Joey Pants took it upon himself to clean out the disaster.

His report of what he discovered among the speakers, wet tents, extension cords, cables, chairs and more included a one used plastic station banner that, "felt like reaching into a bucket of slime - it was cold outside, but my hand instantly felt warm."

He also found the remnants of a Bloody Mary in a used pickle jar. Long story. There was also a pair of Joey's long underwear, in case he needed backup clothing after tailgate show before the Northwestern game, which was 'monsoon day' in greater Lansing.

This great feat of taking one for the team earns Joey Pants WMMQ Employee of the Year Award. Thank you.

Remember that time I found a pair of Joey's shorts in the WMMQ van? That story is here.

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